Small Cng Compressor

POWER :2.2-30【KW】

EXHAUST VOLUME:3-80  【m3/min】



Is a series of DEJURA products the highest price, the most reliable, durable products, light weight, two individuals can move into the fire truck, mobile inflatable, inflatable inflatable continuous, suitable for a large amount of units;

As a kind of machine to increase the gas pressure of compressed gas or gas, the free state of air, compressed to gauge for 225bar/330bar compressed air;

The air flowing through the separator and filter unit after removal of the water in the air in the high pressure oil and impurities will be discharged clean and odorless gas compressed to high pressure cylinders or pressure vessels, high pressure gas supply device is reliable.



Used in fire, diving, oil field, salvage, shooting, chemical plant and other fields, compressed air meets the standard of breathing. It is composed of a guarantee, reliable and high life of the components, with a compact structure, simple maintenance, easy to use and export gas purity and other advantages.